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Company history

Here is the history of Kwang Sung companies Sprayers

Kwang Sung Sprayers have a history of 40 years of experience.

Since they assert themselves on a path, our technology was recognized in the world.



company 2014  May 05  Manufacturing recommend charging electric sprayer.
2011  May 02  Datchung CE.
   May 01  Get INNOBIZ.
2009  May 09 Receive ISO 9001 certification . 
   May 03  Manufacturing battery Li-on battery spend.
  2006  December Transfer new plant to Le Minh Xuan Industrial Park, Vietnam. 
companyvn 2004  May 05  Exports from the spray machine base in Vietnam.
2003   May 09  Establishments in Vietnam.
2002  October  Go to the new office building in Wolpyeong-dong in Daejeon.
   07  To establish a representative office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
  1999  May 03  Manufacture average hand brushed KS-2002, KSP-1, KS-1, KS-10-3, KS-10-1, KS10-2 (shoulder type).
  1997  May 01 Mr. Kook-Jin Choi became the new CEO. 
  1990  May 01  Production per machine.
  1986  October  Jump Wolpyeong-dong office in the city of Daejeon, South Korea.
  1981  May 01  Rename Kwang Sung subsidiaries Sprayers / Manufacturing spray arms (type backpack).
  1968  October  Group Kwang Sung was founded in Moonchang-dong, Daejeon.


 (CEO: Choi Jaeyoon)






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Company information

Corporate Headquarters: 141 Wolpyung-Dong, Seo-Gu. Deajeon.306-846.Han Korea

TEL: 82-42-524-9966, 82-42-527-9966, 82-42-537-9965, FAX: 82-42-524-9967 Email:


Factory in Vietnam: Lot H18, Road No. 3, Le Minh Xuan Industrial Zone, Binh Chanh District, HCMC

TEL: + 84-8-3766-3161, 3766-3163, FAX: + 84-8-3766-3164 Email: