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Honor was awarded in 2015 Cotton Vietnam Golden Rice

Agricultural exports become hot issues being focused discussion at the session of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly this morning. Representing the Minister of Planning and Investment - Bui Quang Vinh acknowledged: "Not only is watermelon as the press reported, many other items are very difficult."


Thousands of trucks carrying dragon fruit, watermelon jam stasis at Tan Thanh border gate early April, when Chinese import restrictions, reducing the number of clearance every day. Photo: You Delegation

After the time jams at the border rice recently, the Government has two meetings to discuss the consumption, the Chinese side proposed trade cooperation ... However, the minister said exports once considered this is the last major road still not encouraging.

"The Chinese side said their rice inventories lot. Traders who wish to have 1,000 tons of rice import quotas must also be committed to the respective consumption quantity ", the minister said.

Mr Vinh added that Vietnam's rice are countries such as India, Pakistan stiff competition. Some enter the market but with limited quantities and for Vietnam's rice has a low price, not by quality.

"Many countries are restructuring agriculture but they go fast and firm steps than we should Vietnam's agricultural products uncompetitive. This continues to be a major challenge for the economy the second half of 2015 ", the Minister warned.

Opening session this morning's work session last Standing Committee, in preparation for the 9th session of the National Assembly XIII, starting from the end of the month. Commission for the Government is to complete the overall report about the economy - society the early months, to discuss solutions for the last months.

Join the discussion, the Chairman of the Committee on Social Issues - Truong Thi Mai said that the Government should make additional reports on the situation of farmers' life, which is very difficult when the agricultural harvest that can not sell OK. "Many agricultural products are not going to market, low cost, society must join hands to sell melons, onions. But that is the heart of the solution, the Government should analyze and more powerful solution, "Mai said.



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